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My coworker sent me this article about the benefits of standing over sitting. The New York Times has also recently examined the newfound popularity of standing desks. I’m intrigued…I feel like I’m two inches shorter and starting to have extremely bad posture and low energy. Two years ago I tried to bring in a Swiss ball to replace my desk chair, but that routine didn’t stick. I somehow figured out a way to sit on the ball while slouching.

Our school’s desk are huge steel behemoths that will last until the 2050’s, so I doubt we will be getting rid of them any time soon. In fact, the $22 LifeHacker desk might be a viable solution.


My coworker invented the $0 solution…use our existing laptop carts as desks until we need to project (I keep my projector locked in a cabinet), and use our desks to store papers.

Initial Impressions
Not even halfway through my first planning period standing with the desk, I noticed that my legs and feet got sore. Looks like I will have to work up to using it. I do wish I had a monitor because looking down at the laptop hurt my neck.



One day I’ll have this treadmill desk


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