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A belated post…catching up on my “to post” ideas about good things in the classroom.

Back in April, I had students in one of my 12th grade IB Math Studies classes review for a calculus test by having groups teach various processes for finding stationary points. It was getting close to April break and IB exams, so student morale was pretty low. I circulated through the groups and observed their progress, interested to see how their presentations would reflect what they’d learned.

One of the students did an amazing job breaking down the steps of finding maximum or minimum using the graphing calculator. He patiently and slowly explained each step, taking breaks to ask his fellow students to hold up their calculators when they were done with each step. He pointed out exactly where to find the buttons and gave clear cues so that the audience wouldn’t get confused. The audience rose to the occasion as well by following along attentively and cheering for “Mr. [Student Last Name].”

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