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    City Sports Run Club with CS by City Sports Apparel

    On Monday I went to City Sports Run Club with Jess. We ran with her friend Emma, Rachel from Healthy Chicks and her friend Jess. The Run Club meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm, and welcomes runners of all abilities. You can store your bag in a dressing room and learn about a new company each week. This week, Merrell showcased some of their new shoe offerings, and there were Bonk Breaker peanut butter and jelly energy bar samples.  Another reason to go–every mile you log gives you $1 in rewards points. I’m excited to go to more of these runs–they fall right after my school leadership team meeting, so it’s a great way to…

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    C2 Pilates Blogger Barre

    Yesterday I went to a C2 Pilates blogger barre class with Jess from Little Miss Runshine and Denisefrom Fit 4 a Foodie. Other attendees included Sarah from SarahFit, Jen from Boston Bachelorette, and Monica from Burpees and Bubbly. Jess, Denise, and me CC began with an introduction of the studio, rundown of the class routines, and rationale behind their method. I appreciated this–though I have gone to many barre classes, I like knowing what to expect! In fact, I was a little nervous because I heard from Jess that the class was supposedly harder than the ones she had gone to before. CC and Carolyn put their heart and soul…

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    Sunday Funday

    My old roommate and I used to get the Sunday night blues. She’d be working on group projects or case studies for MBA classes and I would be cobbling together lesson plans, usually by reading through math blogs (Dan Meyer, Sam Shah, and Kate Nowak were my gateways to this fascination world of curriculum). We were constantly starting the work week already tired, growing even more tired as we looked forward to the weekend, then never fully resting on the weekends. I used to think I needed to work constantly to be the best teacher I could be, never taking the advice I so freely doled out to my students…

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    Om and Quitting the Gym

    Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t…snap at their students. Little Miss Runshine’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge is going to be on like donkey kong. I checked out these six dvds from the Boston Public Library today to get ready for the September 1st start. I hope that doing yoga DVDs and classes regularly for a month will: a) keep me calm in and out of the classroom b) undo some of my running-related inflexibility c) serve as a good alternative to the gym, because calm and saving $ > calm Jess (Little Miss Runshine) and I joined Boston Sports Clubs about a year ago.…

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    Lost that Summer Feeling?

    You lost…that summer feeling…whoa-oh that summer feeling You lost…that summer feeling…now it’s gone, gone, gone Whooooaaaa-oh… Even though summer is now officially on its last legs, I am going to try to keep the relaxed feeling of it as long as I can! Though I won’t be able to take hour-long lunches with friends or wander freely through Boston during daylight hours, I’m preparing a list of small things that keep life fun (inspired by Math Teacher Mambo). 1) Cook dinner at least twice a week. I’ve tried to do the “cook it all on Sunday” routine, but cooking relaxes me, so I prefer to spread it out throughout the…


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