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    Grocery Challenge #2

    Meals Steak salad with grape tomatoes, romaine, butter lettuce and chimichurri sauce Alton Brown’s pan seared ribeye (bought another steak and more red wine vinegar for dinner) Chicken salad with grape tomatoes, romaine and spinach (left over from last week) Mushrooms with onions, garlic and truffle salt (see ribeye post) Fried eggs (with things like leftover mushrooms or avocado halves) Banana & almond milk smoothies Anchovy and radish salad Lemony roasted potatoes (an oldie but goodie from the Veganomicon cookbook) Planned But Did Not Make Roasted eggplant Tuna and green bean salad Mint iced tea Egg salad My Ivy Chopped Salad from the GOOP newsletter Tomato and avocado salsa Leftover…

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    Grocery Challenge #1

    Introducing…the grocery challenge! I would like to get better at long-term meal planning, so I decided to track my purchases at Whole Foods and see what I ended up making and throwing out. I used to live within walking distance of a Whole Foods, but that was very dangerous for my budget–it was too easy to pop in after work and buy prepared food or impulse purchases. We’ve all been there at some point–went to the store with the best of intentions but came home only to find a bag full of organic soap, a hand-woven basket, starfruit and sushi. Now I drive to a nearby Whole Foods, which enables…


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