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    Genius Hour + IB = ?

    Today at EdCamp Boston, I learned about Genius Hour from Daniel Welty (who led a lunch session about it). Genius Hour is inspired by Google’s “20% time” for employees to pursue projects that they are passionate about. For the classroom, students are challenged to explore a project, work on it in a set amount of time, and share it with the class or school. This enables students to take ownership of their learning and encourages a positive approach to learning, rather than the students trying to cheat their way through questions or teachers trying to catch students cheating their way through questions. For example, rather than a student simply Googling…

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    IB markscheme

    I’ve started giving students more IB exam problems so that they’ll be familiar with the problem format, wording, and content. I recently gave them a sequences and series one as a Do Now after they’d finished the unit. I told them to pretend as if it was a quiz so that they (and I) could see where they would stack up in a real IB problem situation. Similarly, I did not circulate to answer any questions (even clarifying ones), since I wanted to see if students would have any issues interpreting the directions. My intern created a representative set of responses for us to bring to math team meeting, where…


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