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    unexpected gifts

    One of my students came in yesterday and said “I brought you something.” I assumed it would be something like her math homework or a grapefruit. Out of her backpack popped a ball of purple yarn. She’s seen me knitting and heard me talking about my “Personal Project” before. Today I’m bringing her a pair of knitting needles. Perhaps we can knit together šŸ™‚ And perhaps one day my classroom culture and knitting skills will enable me to knit amidst a focused, on-task bunch of students the way Sarcasymptote plays his ukelele.

  • productivity

    let’s knit

    Before my trip to China, Thailand, and Korea last summer, I asked my friend JosieĀ to teach me how to knit. I wanted to She’s a self-taught knitter who can probably knit an awesome cowl during an episode of Scandal. She also teaches 8th graders, so I knew she’d have patience with me! We met atĀ Gather HereĀ in Cambridge to pick out some yarn and needles. I picked out some lovely pink and orange yarn and a pair of bamboo needles. We then sat down to knit at Dwelltime. Josie taught me how to cast on, then had me practice it several times while she watched and helped me correct my technique.…


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