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Btone Trigonometry

By Kristina

Today I took Emily’s class at Btone. When we did torso twist, she excitedly referenced an old standby from Algebra 2: All Students Take Calculus to explain the boundaries for range of motion on the exercise (90 degrees from one’s nose to the mirror). Imagine that your nose is the origin. For facing the alley, that’s quadrant 1 (where all trig functions are positive) and for facing Newbury St, that’s quadrant 2, where sine is positive.

I love that she incorporates fun explanations for clients. 🙂


bright spot in my heart

By Kristina

My frustrations with teaching and leadership often come from the amount of mental energy and worry I expend when concerned that folks won’t follow through. With Running Club, that happens when I worry that a) students won’t show up or b) the majority of the workout will be spent trying to coax those who are phoning it in or giving up.

Today I have been so swamped with already taking a 6:00 a.m. Btone class, doing IB exam administration, proctoring MCAS, and dealing with various IB items that I did not have the energy to do the Running Club workout. I thought of canceling because my co-coach was out today, but when I saw the group of six who showed up, I realized that they would do the run + strength training if given clear directions.

I told them “do the Mass Ave run in 13:30 [30 seconds faster than last week]” and come back for strength training. The portion on the river (which I asked them to do) is 1.9 miles. The warmup and cooldown from school to the river makes the total run about 3.2 miles. When they came back, out of breath and sweating, they reported that they did it in 13:21 (7:02/mile). They willingly did a modified Pumps & Iron workout (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of burpees + crunches + squats). I didn’t have to reprimand anyone for slacking once.

There was no worrying that the boys would start walking and come back 30 minutes late, get lost, or bail on the strength training. All I had to say was motivational stuff and countdowns for how many sets or reps they had left.

I think this is what it feels like to teach in a good school.


Personal Project

By Kristina

Our Personal Project Showcase today went great. I love that we celebrate the pursuit of learning in this way, and am so proud of our students. One of our alumni was there and commented that she wished they’d gotten a chance to do Personal Projects as 10th graders.



just do it

By Kristina

It’s been so long since I was in half-marathon shape that I always assume that I’m not in it. Today I decided to check if I could do 9 miles. After I finished the first mile through Teele Square and along Rt. 16, that old running groove came back. It felt so nice to be back out there and to have broken through that mental block of “you can’t do it.”



By Kristina

Last night I went to go see our school’s spring theatre show (two one-act plays). It’s awesome to see how our school celebrates the arts rather than pushing them aside to prep for better MCAS scores or rankings in U.S. News & World Report. It makes me think that I probably won’t even look at that type of ranking when picking a school for my own child.



I love that one theatre teacher posed a math problem to the audience afterward: can you guess how many individually painted blue squares there were in The Girl Who Refused to Turn Blue?


the manshower

By Kristina

My fiance’s work did a wedding party (or “manshower”) for us tonight. Part of it was a Trivial Pursuit game in which each table had to come up with answers to trivia questions about us. We found the trivia worksheets scattered on the tables afterwards. Here are a few:

– What town was he born in? Ethan wasn’t born, he was gifted to the world
– How old was Ethan the first time he left New Hampshire? Trick question, he hasn’t left.

– What would Ethan’s name have been if he had been born female? Surprisingly, the same.
– What were his first words? So can you get the website up?
– What were her first words? Ethan
– What did Ethan and Kristina do on their first date? Go running (said by 3 people)
– What did Ethan and Kristina do on their first date? Program
[what did we really do? Go to Spice + Rice and the Druid, talk about education, and a math problem–one that I learned in my IB Math SL training a few weeks prior.]

– What was his favorite book as a child? LEGO RCX Manual
– What is the best name for Ethan’s autobiography? Dr. E’s Inappropriate Life

– What does Ethan eat for breakfast every morning? Student dreams
– How many miles does Ethan run a week? 0 – if you don’t count him running to the whiteboard

– What musical instruments can Ethan play? Technically, all of them, unless you mean which ones can he play well, in which case, um…
– How old was Ethan when he stopped wearing one-piece footy PJs? Never
– Who was his first kiss? Princess Leia poster


car buying

By Kristina

Tardy to the party today…will post again in the evening.

Talked to a coworker about buying cars yesterday. He expressed a lot of frustration with the way dealers manipulate financing to make more money off you:

1) making low offers for trade-in (or increasing sticker price of the car with a trade-in)
2) changing the APR
3) changing the length of the loan
4) upselling expensive cars

Could be a good real-world problem for financial math, especially since some 12th graders are interested in saving up for cars.


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