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    March 7 NaBloPoMo

    What have you learned about yourself through blogging? I have learned more about what it takes to get a habit to stick for me, whether it be blogging itself, cooking healthy food, lesson planning, spinning, or barre. 1) Going for the Small Wins: I have had the tendency to set way too many unrealistic goals. I thought that to blog, I needed ten beautiful pictures per 1000-word post. I didn’t realize that I needed to scaffold my blogging to develop a regular habit of writing. Similarly, I needed to set smaller goals for getting to barre (the time-based packages make me want to minimize the cost per class, which can…

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    March 6 NaBloPoMo – best vs. worst self

    Does blogging bring out your best or worst self? A veteran teacher once told me that our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness. For example, my attention to detail and organization can be wonderful for setting up a classroom structure and learning environment, but can also keep me from being comfortable with uncertainty. Case in point: reconciling the way I have thought about teaching math with the way that our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) workshop teacher asked us to think for our pre-workshop homework. Our assignment: develop two activities using the new Ways of Knowing (faith, intuition, imagination, and memory) in our subject area. Upon reading that, I…

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    March 5 NaBloPoMo

    When or where do you feel most like yourself? 1) In my classroom, joking with kids and checking in on them like a mother hen. I’m now old enough to be their mother but oddly enough I feel like I can relate to / empathize with them more. I am not super tough and do not inspire fear with just a look. I used to think that was the goal, but now I am more focused on helping students let go of their fear of asking questions, of math, or of being themselves too. 2) In my kitchen, cooking with reruns of one of my favorite shows playing in the…

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    March 4 NaBloPoMo

    How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you? On the second day of this NaBloPoMo project, I feel like a student who doesn’t know where to start on a Humanities journal prompt. I’m not used to such open-ended prompts for which I don’t have a specific answer in mind. However, I miss Humanities and writing for the sake of writing. I even miss writing in notebooks, when our choices were Mead vs. Five Star rather than Evernote vs. OneNote. I still remember fondly an assignment where we were to write as if we were Thoreau at Walden Pond. I took a cK One…

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    March 3 NaBloPoMo – interesting things

    Tell us five interesting things about yourself. 1) In high school, six friends and I all jokingly made a bet that the last one of us to get married would win $500. 2) I’d like my winnings* in $2 bills. That is my favorite type of U.S. currency, just barely beating the Susan B. Anthony dollar. *One got engaged after me but got married pretty soon after, so I still technically win. 3) My siblings and I are all exactly three years apart in age from November 4 to January 9. 4) I’ve done four marathons (MCM ’05 and ’08, Boston ’09 and ’11). 5) I have made it past…


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