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    if you give a math student a comic strip

    When pondering logic projects, I found a lot of elementary school “create your own math books” based on If You Give a Mouse a Cookie plus some comic strip projects that incorporated other aspects of logical propositions (antecedent, consequent, inverse, converse, and contrapositive). I added a rubric for design, captions, and presentation. Comic Strip Project I used my coworker’s copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to introduce the project to my 12th grade classes (many of whom remembered it fondly from childhood). Oddly enough, the students liked being read to! I also started a comic to explain how events could be linked in a logical chain. I…

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    teacher for a day

    Our class of 2012 was our first IB Diploma ┬áProgramme cohort. Students and teachers both felt unprepared for the onslaught of the DP External Assessments. We’ve never had a school-wide exam period with exams lasting more than 53 minutes. Some teachers have given final exams over a period of multiple days, but students have yet to experience hour-plus exams on days that are dedicated solely to exams. The habit of independent review isn’t yet a strong one in our school culture. I focused a lot in the junior year on the Internal Assessment, thinking “we’ll get to the External Assessment when the time comes.” In the senior year, we went…

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    The Cost of College

    One of the syllabus topics in IB Math Studies is financial mathematics. I teach this unit in 12th grade (right around the time of college applications). This year I had the students research a college to which they are applying so that they could examine costs of college using the math they have learned (particularly inflation and compound interest). I wish I’d been able to include more of the topics (depreciation, currency conversion, simple interest, loan repayment tables). How Much Will College Cost Me? The goal of this project is to prepare you for the costs of college life. After high school graduation, it will be very important to keep…


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