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    Copies of parent letter? Check. Copies of syllabus? Check. Back-to-school outfit? Check. Fresh boxes of markers? Check. Neatly arranged groups of desks? Check. Enough coffee to set a baby elephant aloft into the clouds? Check. Want to see the true zombie apocalypse? Switch teachers’ coffee to decaf and watch havoc ensue in their classrooms. Every morning at my school, there’s a parade of Dunkin Donuts iced with cream and sugar, Starbucks peppermint mochas, homemade black coffee in travel mugs, and even the rare 7-11 coffee cup filled at the espresso machine. Sometimes a teacher who has been lovingly nicknamed the “Coffee Fairy” brings a huge carafe of coffee into the…

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    Om and Quitting the Gym

    Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t…snap at their students. Little Miss Runshine’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge is going to be on like donkey kong. I checked out these six dvds from the Boston Public Library today to get ready for the September 1st start. I hope that doing yoga DVDs and classes regularly for a month will: a) keep me calm in and out of the classroom b) undo some of my running-related inflexibility c) serve as a good alternative to the gym, because calm and saving $ > calm Jess (Little Miss Runshine) and I joined Boston Sports Clubs about a year ago.…


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