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happy first birthday flywheel!

By Kristina

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Flywheel’s Prudential Center location has just turned 1! I’ve gone a few times via ClassPass, Pact, a blogger class and the first-time-is-free class. From October 8 to October 12, there were lots of theme rides and goodies such as salads, tote bags, and cold-pressed juices to celebrate. I attended Melinda‘s Thursday J. Lo-themed class and ended up on the bike next to Elissa from Style-Wire.

I’ve been a fan of Melinda ever since I started taking her Core Fusion Barre and Sport classes at Exhale. Both her barre and spin classes will make you *work*, but since they are peppered with hilarious stories, they go by fast! The barre ones fill up notoriously fast, so I was glad to snag a spin class spot. Melinda went around to greet everyone in the studio, and she mentioned that she’d changed her playlist to include Elissa’s request for “First Love”–that was really nice of her! The playlist covered all eras of J. Lo, from On the 6 to A.K.A, and the ride included a good mix of hills, tapbacks, and sprints. True to Melinda-style, the ride was tough, but her motivational tactics helped keep our minds off how much the 35-torq hills or the 6-pound arm song hurt.

After trying other spin studios, I grew to appreciate Flywheel’s torq- and RPM-based instruction much more. It makes it much easier to push oneself vs. just guessing what “super heavy” or “flat road” mean. I also like being able to see my progression through the stats that are available on the website (miles pedaled, power, etc). I still sometimes have to modify the torq level in order to keep up with the recommended RPM levels though–one day I hope to be able to keep up!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary class I was not paid to do this post. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

flywheel blogger class

By Kristina

2014-02-15 12.39.05

Today I attended a complimentary Flywheel Boston class for Boston Bloggers. I took a Flywheel class (60 minute Throwback Thursday with Melinda Sarkis) last month after hearing great things about Flywheel from several friends (including Jess) so I knew the details for check-in, equipment, bike, locker room, and water. However, I still got to the studio early to make sure I had ample time to settle in. Flywheel classes are so popular that the transition time when one class lets out and another is waiting to start can get a little hectic! I also wanted to get a chance to chat with other bloggers. Unlike events such as Cupcakes and Cocktails, there would be no time for chatting and getting to know anyone on the spin bikes 🙂

The Studio & Staff

2014-02-15 12.38.55

Flywheel Boston is located at 800 Boylston St in the Prudential Center. It’s really close to the Prudential T station exit. Just go up the stairs and take your first left into the same hallway as P.F. Chang’s and Crazy Dough’s. Like many other shops nearby, Flywheel boasts lots of lovely clothing for sale.

2014-02-15 12.42.17

Flywheel has lots of classes throughout the week for the early risers, lunchtime exercisers, and post-work exercisers.

2014-02-15 12.38.48

If you pre-register for a class, you can reserve a bike and pair of shoes. Flywheel provides complimentary SPD shoes, so you don’t have to lug any shoes around and get the benefit of clipping into the pedals. When you arrive at the studio, you can check in via the Microsoft Surface tablets right under the class schedule and pick up your shoes from the cubby labeled with your bike number. The reservation and tablet checkin are the most efficient processes I’ve seen at local workout studios. I really appreciate not having to get there 20 minutes early just to get a spot in the location that I like and can avoid long lines.

It’s still important to have real people around to interact with customers though. Flywheel staff were so helpful today. Our class didn’t have pre-reserved bikes, so we had to ask for shoes at the front desk instead of getting them out of a specific cubby. There were about three people behind the desk to handle this, so we didn’t have to wait in line at all. One also helped me figure out that I’d been wearing the wrong SPD shoe size. I’d assumed that size 8 running shoe meant size 38 spin shoe, but she recommended that I try a size 39 instead. That was much more comfortable.


2014-02-15 12.41.35Lockers

Flywheel offers lockers with built-in locks (similar to Exhale) on which you can set your own 4-digit code. Just make sure you enter the 4-digit code *twice* to set it. I thought a couple of lockers were empty because their doors opened…but the users had only set the code once, not fully locking the lockers. I love these lockers because you don’t have to bring your own lock (like at a typical gym) or carry around a key (like Pure Barre). However, if you are coming right from work, be aware of how much stuff you are lugging with you–the lockers don’t hold that much! I had to use two the first time I came because I had a big backpack, a tote bag, and tall boots. This time I came with just the tote bag and sneakers. Before my first class, I’d assumed that there were separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, but all lockers are out in the main area of the studio. You can change in the bathrooms or showers. I’d recommended arriving in your spin outfit.


2014-02-15 12.40.31Before heading into class (or when you need to hydrate after class), Flywheel offers cold and room temperature water.

2014-02-15 12.45.10You can also spray on deodorant before class…but you will still sweat like crazy!

2014-02-15 12.40.53

The studio is arranged in a stadium style, so every bike has a good view of the instructor and the Torqboard. I chose bike 8 my first time and bike 16 today. Center second row is definitely my favorite spot. It’s close to the instructor so you can see his/her technique, but not so close that you feel on display. However, have no fear that anyone will judge you…the lights are off during class and everyone gets so focused on the workout that they are not looking at what you are doing. The Torqboard is opt-in, so that you can look at how your power (combination of torque and RPM) compare to others in the class if you choose to. The Torqboard was in demo mode for today, so we were listed by bike number instead of by our chosen Torqboard name.

2014-02-15 12.40.43

After class, you can shower (2 for women, 2 for men). Towels and all products are provided. My favorites: Bliss Lemon Sage shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body butter and Babyliss hair dryers!

The Class

We all settled in and chose our bikes. Several staff circulated around to help make sure that we had the correct seat height and handlebar setup. I got to sit near and chat with three lovely bloggers: Jenee of J Cooks Gluten Free, Katie of Champagne and Peanuts, and Laura of The Boston Daybook.

Our class was taught by Rachele Pojednic, who writes at Strong Process. She offered up a great 45-minute set of sprints, hill climbs, jumps, and an arm workout. I really appreciated that she mixed in motivation with accurate cues to adjust our form. Rachele explained the proper positioning (Position 1 = in the saddle, Position 2 = standing, Position 3 = standing, with hands on the tops of the handle bar but with hips over the seat) and made sure we kept our shoulders down, feet parallel to the floor, and cores strong.  She also differentiated based on the fact that a class of bloggers was different from a class full of veteran spinners who compete for that coveted top spot on the Torqboard. In my previous class’ arm workout, we used both bars during the entirety of the song. During this class, we used the 2 pound bar and then added the 4 pound bar after the presses. Rachele displayed the Torqboard several times to motivate us during class (e.g., during 30-second sprints so we could “race” each other).

2014-02-15 14.12.35-2 Rachele and me post-class

Thank you to Jessica Dennis of Gluten Free Boston Girl and Stephanie Rodolico of Flywheel Boston for putting together this fun event!

Single Ride $28
5 Rides $125 ($25/ride)
10 Rides $235 ($23.50/ride)
20 Rides $430 ($21.50/ride)
Monthly (Student) $145
Monthly (Regular) $220 for 3-month commitment

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