the manshower

My fiance’s work did a wedding party (or “manshower”) for us tonight. Part of it was a Trivial Pursuit game in which each table had to come up with answers to trivia questions about us. We found the trivia worksheets scattered on the tables afterwards. Here are a few:

– What town was he born in? Ethan wasn’t born, he was gifted to the world
– How old was Ethan the first time he left New Hampshire? Trick question, he hasn’t left.

– What would Ethan’s name have been if he had been born female? Surprisingly, the same.
– What were his first words? So can you get the website up?
– What were her first words? Ethan
– What did Ethan and Kristina do on their first date? Go running (said by 3 people)
– What did Ethan and Kristina do on their first date? Program
[what did we really do? Go to Spice + Rice and the Druid, talk about education, and a math problem–one that I learned in my IB Math SL training a few weeks prior.]

– What was his favorite book as a child? LEGO RCX Manual
– What is the best name for Ethan’s autobiography? Dr. E’s Inappropriate Life

– What does Ethan eat for breakfast every morning? Student dreams
– How many miles does Ethan run a week? 0 – if you don’t count him running to the whiteboard

– What musical instruments can Ethan play? Technically, all of them, unless you mean which ones can he play well, in which case, um…
– How old was Ethan when he stopped wearing one-piece footy PJs? Never
– Who was his first kiss? Princess Leia poster


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