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Today Tufts Medical school students (Melody and Dave) held auditions for the JQUS a cappella group. The group used my classroom for the auditions, so I sat in the corner observing while I typed up an awards ceremony program. One of my favorite students (let’s call her Little Sally) came in to audition because her friends kept bugging her to join. She was extremely nervous and claimed to be a bad singer, so she had a hard time starting. Melody and Dave did a fake audition for her, and we offered to turn away (and I offered to stick my fingers in my ears). She agreed to sing after Dave turned away and Melody and I were “backup” dancers (dancing in front of her so we wouldn’t make eye contact). I began my usual repertoire of ridiculous dance moves, and was so amazed to hear Little Sally burst into a passionate rendition of Maroon 5’s “Payphone.” It took the most guts for her to do that, and it was such an inspiration.

One other takeaway: Melody and Dave’s positivity was absolutely infectious. They were so kind to all the students and welcomed everyone regardless of singing ability. I loved seeing them interact with the kids…we are so lucky to have them.

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