unexpected windfall

I got an unexpected windfall this week–a $500 donation to my Adopt-a-Classroom site from the Kitchen Window Foundation! My students and I are so thankful for their generosity–when budgets keep getting tighter, teachers have to scramble for ways to do hands-on projects and incorporate technology into the classroom.

jawboneThe first thing I bought was a Jawbone Jambox. A colleague donated some computer speakers to me a few years ago, but they broke a few months ago. Thus, it’s been hard to show video clips to students during lessons. The Contagion clip that I showed during this lesson was so hard to understand. It’ll be easier to show 3Acts videos a la Dan Meyer!

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 4.01.32 PM

The second thing I bought was a laminator. This will be great for creating a class set of IB Math Studies formula sheet and for creating more math games (especially in our upcoming probability unit).

Thanks again, Kitchen Window Foundation!



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