weeknight dinner party: greek

Last month we had our officiant over for dinner along with another Tufts professor and his wife. A few years ago I wouldn’t have attempted to throw a dinner party during the week, and I’ve been working on ways to be more efficient with my cooking so that dinner parties and school life can coexist peacefully. Pre-bought appetizers and two simple recipes from The Clothes Make the Girl made it happen!


Lemon & garlic olives from Whole Foods
Celery and carrots with Whole Foods peppadew dip and tzatziki sauce

Deconstructed Gyro Salad
Herb “Rice” Salad

We prepared the lamb the night before in a dutch oven and reheated it before serving. We also split the chopping for the gyro salad and the herb cauliflower rice, so we were done with plenty of time to spare before dinner time, and we were able to relax with our guests rather than run around fussing over last-minute cooking. We did end up with lots of leftovers though. The lamb and herb “rice” kept very well, as did the veggies and dip. The salad did not–my new goal for dinners is to properly forecast the amount of salad consumed.

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